HR Project Support/Management

Kane HR can provide dedicated HR Project Support/Management to facilitate client HR priorities. Regularly client HR Plans require additional resources or renewed focus to help deliver successful outcomes or expedite implementation. Kane HR can provide flexible & adaptable cost effective resources to boost the delivery of HR programmes and get their full implementation across the line. This can typically be best done on a project by project basis, by having Kane HR actually design, manage or lead the delivery of respective HR Projects/Programmes. This is the core service offered by Kane HR Projects Ltd and is the foundation of our business.

Examples might include:

  • Introduction of a Performance Management System
  • Design of a shift pattern model
  • Drafting of a HR Policy Manual
  • Assessment of training needs
  • Implementation of a Leadership Competency Framework
  • Career & Talent Management
  • Employee Survey Action Planning rollout
  • Enhancement of employee communication processes
  • Implementation of a Merger & Acquisition Integration Plan
  • Introduction of new HR System Software Platforms
  • Organisational Structure review & redesign