HR Project Support

Kane HR provides  a full service, dedicated HR Project Support/Management. All our supports link to our client HR priorities. Regularly client HR Plans require additional resources. We bring expertise to aid renewed focus and help deliver successful outcomes or expedite implementation. Kane HR will provide flexible & adaptable cost effective resources to boost the delivery of HR programmes. This can typically be best done on a project by project basis. Kane HR can design, manage or lead the delivery of respective HR Projects/Programmes. This is our core service offered by Kane HR Projects Ltd and is the foundation of our business.

Examples might include:

  • Introduction of a Performance Management System
  • Design of a shift pattern model
  • Drafting of a HR Policy Manual
  • Assessment of training needs
  • Implementation of a Leadership Competency Framework
  • Career & Talent Management
  • Employee Survey Action Planning rollout
  • Enhancement of employee communication processes
  • Implementation of a Merger & Acquisition Integration Plan
  • Introduction of new HR System Software Platforms
  • Organisational Structure review & redesign