My HR Guiding Principles. No.2 ‘The key ingredient in building sustainable Employee Engagement is TRUST’

The underlying level of trust in any Organisation directly impacts either positively or negatively on the overall effectiveness of that Organisation and its ability to attain its business goals.
Trust must exist for real engagement to occur and flourish and no worthwhile engagement can be sustained without first building a platform of trust.
For an Organisation and its employee’s to trust each other, they need to have mutual respect and care for each other and a culture of honesty and openness needs to be present. It is a two way process.
Organisations/Departments/Teams/Individuals can overcome most adversity when trust exists. They will struggle without it.
Trust leads to Engagement which in turn builds Collaboration and creates Teamwork. Strong Communications underpins this model.
Building Trust is complex and typically requires a genuine multi-faceted approach across a range of Organisational behaviours and building blocks.
Experience suggests that the more of these building blocks that you can embed into your ‘way of doing business’, the higher your Organisational Trust dynamic will be.

Sean Kane