My HR Guiding Principles. No.1 ‘The Key to Organisation Capability is Talent Management’

Within Organisations there is much talk about Organisation Design, Organisation Culture and Organisation Strategy. Based on 30+ years of insight, I have concluded  that much of this can be condensed into one key topic, how successfully you actively manage your employee talent. An Organisations success depends on the talent it has on board and how well this talent is managed. This strong correlation continues throughout the Organisational life-cycle.

In my opinion if you manage your talent strategies well, your Organisation will be fully aligned and will drive your Business Goals and Objectives.

In designing talent management processes, focusing on talent from the day it joins your Organisation is a must. Seek to continuously build skillsets, competencies, knowledge and capability. Put metrics in place to continuously measure this and make these metrics the core of your Organisations HR business contribution.

In doing so focus also on potential future talent, don’t forget your potential future talent pool. They are not in your organisation yet, but your complete talent management approach should seek to engage them.

Segment your talent into talent pools. Know how you will address the needs of each pool,  for example early talent, technical talent, high-potential talent and leadership talent. Build interventions and processes specific to each talent pool. The needs of each pool will be different as will their expectations.  Do this well and your talent will remain, will grow, will exceed expectations and talent not yet hired will want to join.

That’s my take on how to focus on building sustainable organisational capability. It is just as important now as it ever was for an Organisation to get right, perhaps even more so in these times of uncertainty and change we now live in.

Sean Kane