Crafting well written Goals

What do well written goals look like? What characteristics define them?

SMART goals summarise this well

Specific – The goal needs to be stated with great clarity and focussed on a single defined end outcome or result

Measurable – The goal needs to clearly state how you will know if it is achieved or completed

Attainable – The goal needs to be achievable. It can be a stretch and you may not know how it will be attained, but you believe it can be attained

Relevant – The goal needs to be relevant and consistent with higher level goals. Its achievement must be seen to fit into an overall strategy or higher level purpose

Timely – A time period for full goal achievement needs to be set in advance. Deadlines focus effort and completion

Goals built with these characteristics embedded, are worthy goals with a strong focus and intention on successful completion. They are also much more likely to be achieved