HR Guiding Principle No.5 -Training is an Investment, not a Cost

Training & Development is an Investment, not a Cost. An Investment that well managed will generate a great return. It is a partnership between employer and each employee. The employer must provide adequate role specific training alongside developing a culture that embraces personal development. The employee must proactively own and manage their personal & career development. Both have a vested interest in and responsibility towards the success of this partnership approach. Done properly it will facilitate and fuel business success alongside individuals fulfilling more of their talent capability.

There are two components to all successful training. One is knowledge transfer (the easy part), the other is application know how. We are all capable of and know how to do much more than we actually do, or indeed than we believe we can do. As the saying goes, knowing is not enough. Taking the practical action steps to put the learning into use is where the real gains are. Both employer and employee need to be aware of this and focus continuous effort towards the practical application of all learning. Many L&D Strategies miss this key element.

Sean Kane