Re-Shaping The HR Function

The HR profession continues to evolve, adapt and grow its presence and influence as part of Organisational Business Models. It has shown itself to be a resilient profession, capable of effective adaptability towards its mission to support the Businesses it serves. Its Business contribution is adding value more of the time, justifying its call to be recognised as an equal partner on senior leadership teams. The continual evolution has seen many new trends emerge, the current latest examples focussed on the following:

– A reduced layering within HR Organisations with overall HR team sizes continuing to steadily reduce.

– An increased use of Individual Contributor roles, subject matter experts across HR disciplines.

– An increased level of HR outsourcing, especially within Project & Admin related activities.

– A greater focus on the use of Technology and Data Analytics to support conclusions and recommended solutions. Coupled with this is an increased use of Business-case modelling to engage better with Business Leaders.

– A reduction in the number of HR Generalists roles across the function.

– Deeper centralisation within HR Organisational models, primarily focussed on global policy rollout with local application latitude.

There are many other HR trends emerging for sure, but the above are now quite well established. The key question becomes, how effective are they proving to be?

Sean Kane

Kane HR Projects Limited